Stone Baths

Aquaroc stone baths have been installed in some of the most luxurious homes and hotels around the world. We've revolutionised the way people use their bathrooms; we want to help people bring the epitome of relaxation and indulgence to their homes with our natural stone material, creating unsurpassable lavishness and relaxation. A stone resin bath makes the ultimate statement that's unmatched by any other material; redefining the height of extravagant bathrooms.

Each of our freestanding baths has been meticulously designed by our in-house design team and hand-crafted with delicacy and attention to detail. Aquaroc’s impressive range - available exclusively at - is available in a wide collection of shapes, sizes and finishes; our expansive range allows our customers to choose the perfect bath to complement their own interior style and décor. 

Choose from baths alike to those in the most luxurious of hotels, traditional-style natural stone baths, timeless matte white baths and even contemporary matte black. For unparalleled sophistication and making a statement in an open space, we recommend looking no further than our Athena Bath: a solid surface stone resin with a fluted design. For smaller spaces and for creating a boutique hotel feel, our beautiful Rivera 1500 is a timeless, classic choice that cannot be rivalled.

Not only does our range look very impressive, our freestanding baths are created from a superior stone resin that out-performs competitors; it's hard-wearing, non-yellowing and isn't finished with a top gel coat, which can impact the products' durability. This means each Aquaroc stone product - enriched with a pure organic stone and combined with superior quality resin - is the same, single material throughout; creating a smooth and durable surface. Our natural stone baths are guaranteed to stand the test of time and our revolutionary material will insist upon an outstanding bathroom experience.

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Stone Baths

Creating a relaxing, spa-like experience in your bathroom has never been easier. Our incredible stone resin, freestanding baths create such a lavish and indulgent experience at home. They are a statement piece that exudes sophistication and transform any bathroom. Handcrafted from solid surface stone, not only are our baths straight out of a 5* hotel, but they are built to last a lifetime. The luxury stone resin has such a sleek and sophisticated finish that looks astonishing in person, and also offers the ultimate comfort while retaining heat up to 10 times longer than acrylic. 


Why choose an Aquaroc freestanding stone bath?

Freestanding baths are becoming increasingly popular and being used as a beautiful statement of style in bathrooms. We recognise that bathrooms are still rooms to plan for in interior design and we should approach our bathroom design with thought and consideration as they can become a place of real retreat and sanctuary within the home: the perfect place to escape and relax in hot water with a cold glass of champagne. With our stone resin baths, you can create your haven like you would experience at a lavish retreat or a five-star spa. 

All of our stone products are manufactured in the same factory for continuity. This allows us to uphold very high quality standards while giving our customers confidence that each and every Aquaroc product features our signature stone from a single source. 

Find the perfect stone bath for your home

The range of baths and accessories we offer is extensive. There is a bath from our range to fit beautifully in any home from traditional to contemporary, clean and minimalist, to a warm, family home for children to enjoy too. For guaranteed class and sophistication, nothing does it better than an Aquaroc stone freestanding bath. A must-have, statement feature.

Working with a smaller bathroom?

We've got a collection of small freestanding baths for smaller bathrooms.


We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer care and our service doesn't end at point of delivery. Aquaroc will provide all the necessary information you need to ensure you know how to look after your stone resin bath and we will be here for anything you may need after delivery. Our customers regularly comment on the personal service they have received, and this remains a core part of our commitment to our customers.  

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